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When looking to add warmth and richness to your home, it is tough to beat hardwood flooring.   Just as with carpet, laminate, Karndean and tile, much has changed with hardwood flooring in the last several years.   Take the installation method for instance.  It used to be when someone wanted real hardwood flooring in Arizona, they had to accommodate an additional subfloor on top of the concrete slab.  This allowed the floor to be nailed down. Advancements in engineered hardwood flooring have made hardwood flooring practical for most families and listed below are some of the reason.

  • The floor comes to pre-finished, which means installing process is greatly reduced.  Most hardwood flooring projects are installed at a rate of 300 to 600 sq. ft. per day depending on additional circumstances.
  • What exactly is engineered hardwood flooring?  It is composed of several layers (usually 3-7) of a high-grade birch wood, topped high a layer of maple, oak, hickory, or even Brazilian Cherry if you’d like.   That allows us to take a species of wood such as oak, maple or hickory, that comes from a place like Oregon and bring to the much… much drier Sonoran Desert with less concerns of shrinking, swelling, or warping.
  • Most of these floors are resurfacable, but with finish warranties in excess of 25 years, you likely won’t need to resurface.
  • The pre-finished wear layer of engineered hardwood flooring is, in most cases, aluminium oxide, the second hardest mineral known to man, next to diamonds of course.  This allows you to use your floor with less concern of damage.
  • All of the hardwood flooring sold here at Complete Flooring is first quality goods.  We only sell quality flooring.  We are not a Liquidator or imitator.

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